The Course

A six step self-led mental wellbeing journey


The Course

Imagine a life where you no longer feel held back by painful experiences from the past or no longer having a sense of feeling stuck in your present. 

Imagine waking up each morning feeling optimistic for the day ahead and with an immense gratitude for the present moment and where you are in life right now. Imagine feeling truly at peace with yourself day in day out and being able to navigate your emotions with ease.


You are living a life you love and that you are passionate about and you feel able to give back to this world with your positivity and love which you have found for yourself. 

This is not a hypothetical dream. The Course is here to help you and has been designed to make this dream a reality.


Louise created this course as a self-led journey to mental wellbeing. Having been through years of therapy and retreats and personal growth programs herself, as well as undertaking academic PhD research in this area, Louise has compiled the best practices and lessons learned from this to create The Course. The Course is an assessable program for everyone to complete in their own time and in their own homes.  


If you wish to gain control over your emotions and feel a deep sense of ongoing peace and balance in your life then The Course is most definitely for you! 

The Course: The Six Step Journey

Step One

All of you is welcome here. You will take a look at all parts of yourself. You will learn how to accept your thoughts as well as learn ways to have more control over them and their effect on you. You will discover the root of your pain.  

Step Two

Who are you really? In step two you go deeper into your thoughts and how these could be the cause of pain. You will discover your core values and how you show up in the world.  

Step Three

Be here now. You will uncover what it means to be truly present and how to process your emotions at a much faster rate and with ease. In step three you will learn how to really feel your emotions. 


Step Four

The child within. This step focuses on your inner child. Wounds you have stored from childhood, the most pivotal stage of your life, will be uncovered. As well as learning to curate your inner dialogue and manage your inner critic and the spiral of negative thoughts or overthinking you may be currently prone to. 


Step Five

Our deepest fear. Step five dives into your deepest fear, the fear of being too much or the fear of being not enough. Both are essentially the same, the fear of being you. This step guides you as you begin to navigate life as the truest and most authentic version of yourself, behind the masks we often wear. 

Step Six

Welcome home. You’ve been here all along. This final step assists you through the process of giving and receiving unconditional love. Both for yourself and others. You will learn this importance of how you see yourself and how that shapes every other relationship in your life, to work, to friends, to family and to partners. You will know what it feels like to live a life from a place of peace, balance and joy. 

This course has the power to change your life.

What’s included


Over 250+ minutes of video - Feel like you’re in a 1:1 session with Louise with intimate and dynamic footage, guiding you on your journey. 


6 guided meditations – Immersive audios of guided meditations with soundtracks composed to take you deeper on your journey towards mental wellbeing. 

Weekly worksheets and journal prompts – Over 18 engaging activities and journal prompts for further enquiry into your self-led journey. 

Coaching (optional) - An option of one, two or three coaching sessions available with Louise for further support and guidance alongside your journey on The Course.  Contact directly here for further information about this package.