Louise Claire Gates

Louise Claire Gates, PhD, is a lifelong learner , mental health enthusiast, as well as an expert researcher in the field of mental health and yoga. Louise provides coaching to both individuals and groups, and is a mental wellbeing consultant, speaker, and yoga teacher for corporations and media outlets. 

She obtained her masters degree in yoga for women with breast cancer with an emphasis in their mental health, and completed her PhD in yoga for depression and anxiety. As well as prior years of experience working as a nurse for trauma/oncology patients and undertaking research within this field. Louise trained as a life coach, with a focus on mental health and yoga. She has previously spent over 5 years working in the field of mental health and yoga as well as a nurse in one of the leading hospitals in the UK. 

Louise is the author of the eBook ‘Take a deep breath’. Available for free when you subscribe below.


She is a contributor to various media outlets such as BBC radio, Capital FM as well as appearing twice on ITV’s This Morning discussing the results of her research and the effects of Laughter Yoga on mental health. Watch here.

Louise draws from her years of experience and thousands of hours working in this field to inform her research and coaching practice and curating wellness programs for her coporate clients. Her passion and life's work is to support the prevention rather than cure movement when it comes to mental illness. Enabling others to create their healthiest, happiest, and most spiritually connected lives.



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