Louise’s personal and professional perspective on problems was really refreshing. I would definitely book in again’ - Alex, UK 


I am an experienced and accredited Life coach offering Skype coaching sessions for those wanting to discuss their mental wellbeing. 

Coaching sessions are perfect for lunch breaks and extra support on anxiety filled days. These sessions are structured and can be based on any topic you wish. It might just be an emotional ‘check in’ or a little refresh to top up on some positive coping mechanisms. We begin by discussing the presenting issue in brief. The remainder of your session is spent psycho-educating and signposting. I will provide you with some top-level insight into your situation, along with specific tips and exercises. By the end of the 50 minute session, we will have determined a bespoke plan of action for you. 

Coaching sessions are practical, proactive and conversational. I do not encourage exploration of deep or historic emotional content in these sessions. The aim is that you will feel hopeful and empowered to seek further support if necessary, with a better idea of where to find it. These coaching sessions provide an insight into what it might feel like to have a longer coaching series, whilst also equipping with valuable self-help tools. You can email me some background prior to our session if you wish. See below for personal reviews. 

The cost is £80/ $120 for a full 60 minute session and must be prepaid via PayPal. 

Please click here to arrange. 

These sessions are quick and easy to arrange. You prepay simply using my email address and provide me with your preferred phone number. I will call at the agreed time. You are welcome to book a repeated session if you wish, but if you feel a need for more, I would recommend that you invest in a full coaching course of 12 weeks. 


So how does 1:1 coaching work? 

Sign Up for a Complimentary Clarity Call 

Pre Coaching Questionnaire 

You will receive and complete a pre-coaching questionnaire from me. The questionnaire will ask some inspiring and thought provoking questions to help you get to know yourself better and what you think you would most like to get out of mental wellebing coaching. 

Complimentary Clarity Call 

This is a 30-45 minute complimentary call where we can see if we are a great match for coaching and talk further about the exciting things you want to achieve. Please note there is no obligation at this stage whilst you work out what feels right for you. 

Coaching Series Begins 

If you are happy to move ahead post clarity call then the series will officially begin! At this stage you will be asked to sign my coaching agreement. 

Fortnightly Calls 

Throughout the 12 week coaching series we will have 6 one hour coaching sessions conducted either by phone or Skype calls. 

Email Support 

I will be available over email (Monday-Friday) to offer additional support In between our coaching calls, I often use wattsapp as a way of sending recorded audio messages to keep us in conversation between calls. 

(Please note I will endeavour to respond within 24 hours throughout the working week) 

Final Coaching Call 

At the end our Coaching Series we will have our final call together, an amazing opportunity to celebrate and acknowledge all you have achieved throughout the series! 

We will also take the opportunity to discuss life after the coaching series and how you can continue to thrive! 


£850 for full 12 week 1:1 coaching package 

- payable up front via Paypal or via three instalments of £284

$1000 for full 12 week 1:1 coaching package

- payable up front via Paypal or via three instalments of $333


I trained to become a lifecoach with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy. Heres what I had to say about my time studying with them:

“For so long I had been wanting to train as a life coach, ever since working for one aged 18 to 20 doing some PA work. I longed for a course however that wasn’t so corporate and business based. I wished for a feelings based and more holistic approach to coaching. This is where BYCA blew me out the water. I first heard of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy from my best friend who at the time was living in Australia and had made friends with a BYCA qualified coach. 

When I reached the homepage for the academy I knew i’d found my people. For the first time in my adult life I found myself surrounded virtually and in person by incredible women from all over the world who like me had intuitively known there was something more to life than the 9-5 staring at a wall from a desk. Together with the support from the incredible lead coaches I saw myself and the other women in my course transform into the brightest and most authentic versions of themselves. 

The course focuses on a feelings based approach. More attention is given to how our clients truly feel. Everything we need is already within ourselves to truly be the best version of ourselves and to serve others. The Beautiful You Academy does a fantastic job as reminding and showing its students all other the world how to uncover and remind ourselves of these amazing attributes we all already possess." 

And whats more, I’m offering a complimentary (read: free) 12 week coaching series with me. Please contact me for more information.

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