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Hello, I'm Louise

Hello! I’m Louise.  I’m a mental health and yoga coach.

I wish to contribute to the world from a place of prevention rather than cure when it comes to our mental health. A world where it’s okay to talk about it. A world where we look after it as much as we do our physical health. That way, perhaps much of our mental health struggles are preventable.


I care deeply about people living their healthiest, happiest, and most beautiful lives. I believe that when we shift our thoughts, we can transform how we feel and act, and create a foundation for the growth we all want to experience. My work is all about supporting you in this process. Click below to learn more...


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“Thank you so much for everything, you really have changed my life…and yes, I know you’d say it’s me that did all the hard work, but I couldn’t and wouldn’t have done it without your help, support, guidance and belief in me.”

David, 36


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